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San Francisco by the Bay 

HOA @ North Beach, Md 20714

Welcome to the San Francisco by the Bay Home Owners Association.  We are located at the end of 2nd street in North Beach, Maryland.  Our residents take great pride in our exclusive private community.  Our property is pedestrian friendly and convenient to all the North Beach attractions that are within easy walking distance.

Important News!

In the event you need to get a hold of the town utilities please make a note of the following numbers.

During business hours.

North Beach Town Hall



After hours

Calvert Control Center in Prince Frederick, MD




We Need Your Help!

The Board of Directors wants to thank all the residents who make an effort to keep our wonderful neighborhood clean.  This is greatly appreciated.  Thank you!

Please Pick Up After Your Pets!

We love our community and take pride in its beauty. We all need to be mindful that while most of us are being responsible with our pets, sadly, there are some who are not. Unfortunately this continues to be a problem. Please be courteous to your neighbors, and clean up after your dog.   There are 8 Pet Waste stations throughout our community, please use them. Our neighborhood should not be littered with dog waste.

Thank you to all who do cooperate.

If you have arranged for others (small children, teenagers, or hired services) to walk your pets in your absence, please instruct them on the expectations of our community. 

This also falls under the Town of North Beach codes. The town’s Code Enforcement officer could cite the community and any fine the community would incur would be paid by a special assessment of ALL HOA members.

HOA Parking Policy & Registration

We would also like to ask that you be mindful of our parking policy, and please register your vehicles if you have not done so.  Keep your registrations current when you trade in your vehicles, add additional vehicles, or downsize and eliminate a vehicle. Please park in your designated parking spaces before utilizing a visitor space.  Yes, this means moving cars around, no registered vehicle should be in a visitor spot when your garage and/or driveway is unused.  

Volunteers Needed For Social Committee!

We are currently looking for volunteers to form a committee whose sole purpose is to plan and coordinate community-wide fun events. Examples include: Spring clean-up and Cook Out, bake-off, movies on the Green, Community Craft Fair, and Game Night (board games, card games, etc.). These are just a few ideas, and we look forward to hearing from you to add to this fun list!

If interested, please contact Kathy Wolfstone-Smith, Kathy.bacon@comcast.net.